Mass Market Retailers

Salix can be the preferred partner for companies of the MMR (Mass Market Retailers) that, on the basis of the growing demand of food supplements and health-oriented products, decide to propose innovative own-brand foodstuffs and food supplements.
The company exploits its experience doing projects for new foods supplements, providing the appropriate answers to several needs and ensuring to its partners the capacity of developing original formulas, capable to conquer the consumers because of their efficacy and practicality.

State-of-the-art facilities

Pharmaceutical Companies

Salix becomes a preferred partner through a direct assistance in defining the product features and in the research and development of tailor made solutions, offering to the market a complete design including:

 identification of formulas and rational development to support
 in vitro study
 evaluation of product bioavaibility

The high level of innovation allows Salix to offer itself as Reference Company in nutraceutical field for foods supplements, foods for special medical purposes and medical devices.

High level of innovation

Sport food supplements

The increasing use of sport supplements of easy absorption and of high efficacy, ready to use and freely usable, allows Salix to focus with more attention on the sport world where the seriousness and the check of raw materials is fundamental for ensuring high safety and quality standards. Salix produces ready to go means of administration, user-friendly for outdoors sports:

instant gel sticks
buccal sticks
chewable tablets

We remind you to bear always in mind the guidelines for a correct use of food supplements

Guidelines for the correct use of food supplements:

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